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We offer Voice, Data and Fiber Optic Network Cabling, Testing and Certification, Security and Fire Alarm Systems with 24 hour Local Central Station Monitoring, Access Control solutions, CCTV Video Surveillance, Audio/Video design, sales and installation, CONFERENCE ROOM SOLUTIONS AND PAGING SYSTEMS. We are BICSI, Panduit and 3x logic Certified.


Located in Central Indiana, Moyer Technologies offers a solution for all of your technology needs. No job is too big or too small for our team.

Founded in 2006, Moyer Technologies is committed to providing you with a cost effective solution for your home or office technology needs that is within strict adherence to industry standards, meets performance standards for the technology being implemented, and warranting all work performed. We are a BISCI, Panduit and 3X Logic certified company that continually educates our technicians on industry improvements, new solutions, and new technologies. 

We offer a wide range of technical services including: Data & Fiber Optic Network Cabling, Testing and Certification. Security and Fire Alarm Systems with 24 hour, local, central-station monitoring. Access Control Solutions. CCTV Video Surveillance. Audio/Video design, sales and installation. Conference Room solutions. Digital Signage. Mass Notifications and Paging Systems.

With technology constantly changing, we have evolved to stay up to date with the latest technology the low voltage world has to offer. With voice, video and security solutions becoming IP based systems and placed on data networks, it is crucial to assure that your company’s technology cabling is designed and installed properly to assure optimum performance for your technology needs. Keeping security in mind for your home or business, we will work with you to design the best possible solution to fit your needs.

Technology cabling makes up only 5 to 10% of a company’s investment cost in a specific office technology that they may decide to implement, but 80% of downtime in a company’s technology is due to poor installation and design of the cabling infrastructure and cabling components.  It is crucial to have a company that is experienced in all aspects of technology so that a customer has a turnkey solution that fits their needs.



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Infrastructure Cabling


Data Network Cabling

Design and install Cat5e, Cat6, or Cat6a(10gig) cabling to allow your computer network to work efficiently and to its full potential.

Voice Network Cabling

Install cabling to interact with existing phone systems or design and implement new solution for voice applications within your company.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Design and install fiber optic cabling for campus, multi floor office spaces, large facilities, and data center applications.


Troubleshoot, test and certify existing cabling. We test and certify any cabling that we install using a Fluke industry premier cable tester and provide as-build drawings for all projects.





Security/Fire Alarm Solutions

Design, implement and install a custom security system for residential and commercial applications. 24 hour, local, central station monitoring.

CCTV Video Surveillance

Design, implement and install an IP based security camera system for any indoor or outdoor application. Remote viewing access is possible through a smart device or PC.

Access Control

Design, implement and install an IP based access control system for your business. Prevents unwanted traffic into your building. Allows audit reports for tracking employees.


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A/v systems


Audio/Visual Installation

Design, implement and install A/V solutions for office presentations, TV's, digital signage, mass notification and paging systems and whole office or home sound systems.



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